Ove Valeskog is a director, born and raised in Sweden. His passion for history, mythology and nature permeates his films. The musical background as an artist and music producer also gives him a great commitment to the importance of film music for the story telling.

Ove is up to date with two feature films and one short released for the Nordic market 2019/2020. Ove has produced, directed, written the script and composed the music for both feature films.

Huldra had its festival tour in 2017/18 and won several awards around the world for best thriller. Theatrical release in Sweden Halloween 2020. The film MARELD had its Nordic theatrical premiere November 2019 and on VOD etc already at Christmas time same year (2019).

“My experience has given me the opportunity to tell stories with different forms of expression. I have directed and produced feature films, commercials, short stories and pilots. I've written scripts, songs and produced music videos. I've composed and produced music with international artists and world wide companys. I've worked as editor and post producter for numerous of film and tv projects. Being able to hold the creative responsibility for these art forms is a pleasure and a constant challenge. The trick is to make room for all artists in every element of the work while keeping the job together until the job is done. "



Experiences as Creative





With a professional background as director, scriptwriter, producer, line producer, sound  engineer, sound designer, composer, foley artist, ove can contribute ...



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Already at the age of 14, Ove set foot in a music studio. That foot may still be there. With more than 20 years as a music producer, it goes without saying that ove uses his experiences for the music in his own productions.


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Building database programs for booking and scheduling tools is an example of how to use creative features in combination with purely mathematical logical tasks.


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Has written several screenplays. Ref upon request.



Publisher Agreement, Project Agreements for music- and film productions; artist, musician, producer and equity investors, housing legal issues, facilities, Commercials; contract agreements, actor, composer, technical staff, etc.



Budget responsibility for film- and album productions, corporate films, commercials, studioconstruction, financial statements etc.


Positions of trust

BRF Chairman, Chairman Music Association GROOVE, chairman of student council, Representative of the navy soldiers etc.



Meeting techniques, Project Methods, Music Production, Independent Film Production


Actor & Model

As an actor Ove has undertaken assignments in front of the camera on several occasions. In the 90s he appeared frequently on stage as a musician and artist. Ove interpreted Bellman in the band Bacchi Bröder who were warmly welcomed on the song festival in Västervik several years in a row. He has participated in several music videos, corporate videos and short films.


Mercedes (Swe)

Cmore (Swe)

Continental (WW)

​​​Igloo Fishstebchen​ (EU)

Procurator (Swe)

Campaign - KIA Ceed Sporty Wagon (Swe)

Dressman - advertising for the fall collection (Scan)

Clothing catalog for Snickers workwear.

Software Skills


Motion picture

Adobe - Premiere Pro and Encore, Final Cut, DVDpro, Compressor etc



Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc



SSL Sound Scape, (Prootools), Reason Record, (Soundtrack), Wavelab, Cubase etc



Filemaker pro, Officepaketet (OpenOffice, NEO), Quark, SPCS, UniBas, numerous audio and video converters etc



PC & Mac, Qantar, Sounddevice, Lectrosonic- & Sennheiser wireless system m m